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RNRNET has presented the information on its Web Site solely as a source of general information regarding possible suppliers of services of the kind you may be seeking.

RNRNET, its owners, operators and advertisers are making no warrantees of any kind with regard to the accuracy of the information provided, the suitability of any particular vendor to provide the services you want, the fitness of the services for your use, or the competency of any vendor to provide the services to you.

Some of the activities described at this Web Site are dangerous, strenuous, require special training, or require a participant to be in excellent health and physical condition before participating in them. You should carefully review the credentials, education, and experience of any vendor with whom you are considering doing business to make certain that they meet your standards and the standards applicable to their industry before engaging their services. Also, consult your own physician to make certain that you meet all of the physical requirements of the activity before engaging in the activity.

Copyright Information:

All of the pages at the RNRNET Web Site are protected by U.S. and International copyright law and all rights are reserved. However, no claim is made to photos and clipart which do not depict the property of featured vendors. Such photos and clipart are used under license from Corel Corporation, International Microcomputer Software, Inc., or other sources and may not be downloaded and saved.

Trademark Information:

RNRNET(TM), The Rest 'N' Recreation Network(TM), the RNRNET Logo, the phrase:
Your "One Stop Spot" For Information About Vacation, Sports, Hobby And Other
Leisure Time Activities
(TM), and the phrase: "See" What Your Getting - Before You
(TM), are all trademarks of Eli H. Schmukler.

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